Easy Cooking Tips

For many cooking beginners, they find it difficult to master the taste of the good with some good sense; sometimes there too much salt and soy sauce, sometimes too little sugar, sometimes not enough flavor, and always seems like short of something in the taste.

Here is a piece of handy summarized and short list that will help you get the right seasoning for your foods, especially for those who are looking for quick and easy cooking methods, this will really help a lot.

1. Miso Paste
With the recent years of Japanese foods popularity and health consciousness, many people like to eat and cook Japanese foods. Miso paste is the most frequent used seasoning ingredients in Japanese foods making.
Basically it is very easy to get in the hypermarket these days, there are two types, the red miso and the white miso. The red miso is more salty and spicy in nature, suitable to cook in soup or go very well with fish based cooking. The white miso is more sweet based, suitable for frying and simmering dishes.

2. Kimchi
Kimchi can eat with rice or noodles directly, however it is a very good seasoning and flavoring ingredient in cooking also. There are basically two to three types of kimchi that originated from different country like Korea, Taiwan and China. Taiwan kimchi is suitable to eat with rice or just by itself, Korean kimchi is a bit salty and spicy, which is more suitable to use in frying, soup making and meat seasoning.

3. Curry Stock or Powder
Cooking curry is never easy, but everything changed with the widely available curry stock or powder in the market. There are Japanese style curries, Indian style curries, Jawa style curries, Thai style curries, and many more.

4. Fresh Chicken Stock or Block
It preserved the fresh young chicken taste, it is more healthier over MSG. It is very suitable and better taste in stir frying vegetables, cooking noodles, steam fish, and others.

5. Thick Soup Stock
This is very efficient in cooking thick creamy soup. Just mix it with boiling hot water. If you like more ingredients, you can cook it over medium fire with vegetables, meat, seafood, chicken, and so on.

6. Deep Fried Red Onion Toppings
Slice the small red onions and deep fry in pork oil. It is very delicious to sprinkle some on top of noodles, stir fry vegetables and soup.

7. Chicken Soup Stock
This chicken soup stock is used in preparing soup, can replace MSG and salt for stir fry dishes.

8. Sesame Sauce
There are two type of sesame source, one is white and the one is black. Black sesame source is good to go with meat, where white sesame is good to go with noodles and vegetables.

9. Mayonnaise
It has many flavor in mayonnaise and it can serve with many different type of dishes whether it is raw green salad or some deep fry dishes.

10. Dashi Stock
Natural extraction from fish. It helps in bring out the taste of the food but just adding a little on the dish. Mostly task delicious to go with season type cooking.